4 Disadvantages of Time and Materials IT

Posted by Buddy Martin

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Aug 13, 2014 2:45:00 PM

169277781Time and materials IT sounds great in concept. You’re not dedicating any budget to your IT on a monthly basis, but you have a trusted provider that you can call if you have any issues. Simple, right? Maybe not. As crazy as it sounds, not dedicating a monthly budget to your IT can actually cost you more in support, projects and lack of productivity. We’ve already taken you through the impact that outdated technology can have, but we haven’t yet addressed exactly how time and materials IT could end up costing you even more than a monthly managed services agreement. Let’s take a look.

Support on their terms.
Time and materials IT means having to call your company each time there’s a problem. You’re subject to their availability and often clients that pay on a monthly basis for managed services come first. If you’re working with a 1-Man IT company, they may be on vacation or not have the time to serve you when your machines go down.

No updates.
Anti-virus, malware protection and security updates should be constantly updated. Relying on your users or managers to update your antivirus software or install new system updates on workstations is leaving a huge security gap. Your employees may not understand the importance of implementing these updates or may put them off if they’re in the middle of a task. Operating on outdated anti-virus software or security patches is a huge security gap that leaves your network wide open for potential breaches. 

Unreliable or failed backups.
When you don’t have someone monitoring your backups in real time and ensuring that they are operating properly, you risk losing your data if your system goes down or fails completely. There is no guarantee when it comes to data recovery and reliable backups can get you up and running sooner, which means less lost revenue. Companies that rely on time and materials IT are taking a huge risk by not constantly testing and checking backups. 

506468753Falling behind.
One of the biggest advantages of organizations that embrace managed services is staying on the cutting edge. Users and customers prefer organizations that update workstations and technology. If your organization doesn’t regularly update their technology, you risk your competitors stealing away your employees and customers.

While it may not be an immediate concern, the fact is that using a reactive IT strategy is putting you further and further behind the curve. Even if you work in an industry that doesn’t necessarily need technology to operate, odds are your competitors are embracing the cloud, updating their infrastructure and becoming more and more mobile. If you want to recruit great talent, retain your customers and keep your organization up to date and innovative – it’s time to switch to managed services. 

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