Business Disaster Planning: Preparing your Office for a Storm

Posted by Jake Spanberger

Jun 6, 2017 9:36:33 AM


Pre-hurricane disaster planning is crucial to maintaining your company infrastructure and business continuity as much as possible in the event of a major hurricane.

Here are a few suggestions for preparing your office for an inevitable storm.


Brief Your Staff

Having a disaster plan in place is only good if everyone is aware of the details of that plan and where to find that plan in case of an emergency. When a storm is inevitable, be sure to get your team together as soon as possible prior to projected landfall to go over the details of your plan. If you can, do that a week in advance. Make sure you establish pre- and post-storm lines of communication as well as cover how you will communicate in the midst of the hurricane, at the very least.

Perform a Complete Backup

While many of our clients have very detailed and comprehensive backups of their data on a regular basis, technology isn’t infallible. Taking the time to make sure that you, your IT staff or your IT partner run a complete backup prior to a hurricane's landfall is crucial. It’s not enough to assume you’re covered. Data recovery can be very expensive and time consuming, so taking a few minutes just to run a full backup and relocate that data to a safe place can save you a lot of time and energy. It could mean the difference between being back up quickly and or waiting weeks to get your business back in operation. Also run a test restore using that backup to ensure that the data is in working condition.

Relocate Hardware

Make sure to secure any unused workstations and other non-production infrastructure equipment in a locked room or closet where they’ll be safe from debris and potential flooding. This includes spare workstations, phones, network equipment and printers. Cover the equipment with plastic to protect it from leaks and store it as high off the floor as possible.

Make Sure You Have Adequate Supplies

No one likes to think about the worst-case scenario, but in the event of a major storm, flooding or other major damage, you'll want to make sure you have on hand what you'll need. Take inventory of all your disaster supplies--such as flashlights, batteries, duct tape and plastic sheets, to name a few--and be sure that everything is available at a moment's notice.

Call Your Insurance Agent

Contact your insurance agent and be sure that your coverage is up to date just in case anything should happen. While most insurance companies will not issue policies when a storm is on the way, verifying your coverage and billing is up to date should require only a phone call.

Need a checklist to keep track of your hurricane preparation items? Download our list below.

Hurricane Preparation Checklist



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