Our Top Pick for Convertible Tablet - Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Posted by Charlie Wiener

Jun 21, 2016 12:56:04 PM


In the last few years, the convertible and tablet market has been turned on its head. It all started with the iPad - and since then every major computer and device manufacturer has some (or multiple) iterations to fill this hole in their lineup. We’ve seen it all and have test driven almost every variety and flavor of tablet and convertible laptop on the market. Our top pick for convertible tablet is hands down the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the best combination of performance, compatibility and familiarity on the market. Here are just a few key features that help it stand out above the rest:


The most important aspect of any convertible laptop or tablet is always going to be performance. Your employees are using this device while traveling and thus need to be as efficient as possible when using it. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is not only configurable to meet your specific needs, but its overall performance is second to none in the tablet or convertible market. Unlike the Dell, Lenovo, and HP options, the Surface Pro 4 has the reliable performance you can expect from a high end laptop but in the form of a tablet. This has been the most elusive feature for other tablets and convertibles in the space, and SP4 definitely exceeds expectations.


As Microsoft completes the shift over to all things cloud (shifting customers to Office 365), the tablet option is becoming more and more attractive to businesses and employees not the go. The Surface Pro 4 is the leader with regard to compatibility. Using the Windows 10 platform, it can do everything a Windows PC can do with all of the portability of a tablet, with seamless integration for Microsoft Office that you won’t get with any other convertible laptop.


One of the biggest complaints about tablets is the lack of traditional ports and connection options for sound, video and other peripherals. Not only does the Surface Pro 4 have all the ports you could possible need, but it also has the best docking station available for this class of machine.


Overall Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 has become more applicable in the business world than any other piece of hardware in recent memory. We find ourselves recommending it in more and more scenarios to replace both laptops and desktops. If you are in the market for a new machine and need mobility, we suggest you take a long look at this option and confer with your technology team to see if it would be a good time to switch to a convertible.

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