Feb 3, 2016 2:14:07 PM

Why We Don’t Sell Used Network Hardware – and Why You Shouldn’t Buy It

Why We Don’t Sell Used Network Hardware – and Why You Shouldn’t Buy It

America is the land of opportunity – and where entrepreneurs see opportunity, they will try to capitalize. This is a great thing normally, but in some instances, it results in companies taking advantage of clients’ or customers' lack of knowledge. This is particularly true in the technology realm, where businesses are sometimes unaware of exactly what they’re paying for and easily mislead. How so? Over the years we’ve been frequently approached by organizations that resell network equipment. In concept this isn’t a bad idea for very small businesses that need to save money or don’t have the money to replace broken or aging servers, routers or switches; but in practice it can result in some massive issues. Here’s the 411 on why we don’t sell used network hardware and why you should never buy old network hardware for your business network. 


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