Sep 10, 2015 3:06:55 PM

Three Technologies Medical Practices Need to Fully Integrate the iPad Pro

Three Technologies Medical Practices Need to Fully Integrate the iPad Pro

When it comes to new technology announcements from Apple, it’s always a rush to be the first to get it. The iPad Pro seems pretty revolutionary. The pure beauty alone is enough to make any business owner run out and buy it for home – but what happens if you want to start using it within your business? If you watched the Apple Event yesterday, you probably saw the new 3D4 App, which allows medical providers to use the latest in anatomically correct 3D imaging to give patients an inside view of their body. It’s an unprecedented technological partnership from a patient education perspective – and you’re probably eager to get one into your practice as soon as possible. But have you given any thought to how this will work with your existing workflows? Sure, being able to carve out muscle and reveal bones or ligaments is great. But how can you add these documents to patient records or share them with your patients? Clearly there’s some integration that needs to be considered. Here are three technologies that medical practices need to fully integrate the iPad Pro. 


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