May 19, 2015 8:22:00 AM

3 Reasons to Consider Replacing your Office Chat Software with Slack

3 Reasons to Consider Replacing your Office Chat Software with Slack

As a Millennial, I enjoy finding tools that increase productivity and make life easier. It’s less that I want to never leave my desk and more that I want to maximize my ability to do things in the most efficient way possible. As much as older generations of workers like to blame new software applications and gadgets for being distractions, when I find a new one that I really like and is valuable, I have to try it. It’s also my job to explore the newest technologies – we can’t just keep recommending the same tools to our clients knowing that there could potentially be better technology out there.  That said, the other day I encountered Slack on a blog I was reading and decided to give it ago. Since then, we’ve decided to replace our office chat software with Slack. Here are a few things I like about it and I why I think it’s a great replacement for other communication tools like Microsoft’s Lync or Skype.


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