Why You Should Secure Your Kingdom's Keys Using Authentication

Posted by Andrea Carrero

Dec 7, 2016 9:50:17 AM


Having your system administrator require users to have unique logon names and passwords for your organization's computer systems is a great start for keeping insiders in and outsiders out. But what happens when your system administrator is the one you need to keep out--after he or she has left your employ?

One way to manage all user accounts--including the system administrator's--is by using authentication software. This software requires you to enter a token--often a random series of numbers--that you receive on your mobile device. This added step authenticates your user to ensure they are allowed to access your systems, but more importantly, allows you to track the users signing into your system as well as revoke their privileges quickly.

Why would you possibly need to revoke those privileges quickly? Consider this situation where an administrator, within days of being fired, caused a Harrisburg, PA internet service provider's (ISP) systems to crash by using backdoor access and scripts he had planted throughout the system. The results?

  • Loss of service to the ISP's customers.
  • A court case that lasted for years.
  • Prison and a fine for the former system administrator.

The ISP is no longer in business, by the way.

There are numerous examples of these kinds of situations of a break of network security. The takeaway here is that using an extra step for authentication and securing the keys to your kingdom is paramount to the life of your company.

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