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Whenever and wherever you need it.

Cloud computing is the perfect solution for employees that work from home, businesses that require a flexible environment or for companies who want to decrease their reliance on local software applications and physical servers to store data.  

We custom build Cloud Computing solutions for businesses of all sizes and in all industries! 

A versatile solution for businesses of any size.

The Entech Cloud environment is a custom-built hosting environment that is owned and managed exclusively by Entech. Some cloud computing options that might work for your business:  

  • Cloud Servers: Eliminate your reliance on physical servers with cloud-based servers for data.
  • File Collaboration: Access your files from anywhere, any time you need them. 
  • Cloud viability analysis, design and migration: Determine whether you're suited for the cloud.
  • Hosted Exchange: Increased accessibility to all e-mail files without the risk of data loss.  

Not every business is well suited for the cloud. Let us help you determine which services are right for you. 

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