IT Case Study


Scott Fischer Enterprises - Harley-Davidson Retailer


With six dealerships across the nation and a corporate office in Southwest Florida, Scott Fischer Enterprises is the largest Harley-Davidson ownership group in the world. 

Users: 350+


  • Scott Fischer Enterprises Corporate Office - Fort Myers, Florida
  • Six Bends Harley-Davidson - Fort Myers, Florida
  • Naples Harley-Davidson - Naples, Florida
  • Rocket Harley-Davidson - Madison, Alabama
  • Blue Ridge Harley-Davidson - Hickory, North Carolina
  • Thunderbird Harley-Davidson - Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Duke City Harley-Davidson - Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Need

The lifeblood of any retail and motorsports dealer is its ability to sell motorcycles and merchandise reliably and efficiently. The Scott Fischer Enterprises executive team is unique in that they pride themselves on their Organizational Health. The team initially engaged Entech to help them leverage technology to improve both operations and company culture. The organization's initial needs involved strategy services. The initial assessment unearthed more room for improvement:

  • A defined, streamlined technology strategy was desired by the executive team.
  • Cloud migration was a wish list item, but no qualified resources existed to plan or execute.
  • Server and network systems were out of warranty and support.
  • Network was unreliable resulting in slow or lack of access to applications and files and was also not sufficient to handle the new cloud-centric environment.
  • Workstations across all dealerships were aging and this resulted in inefficiency and instability.
  • Dual internet connections were needed at all 7 locations.
  • Current IT support company was slow in response and did not provide any strategic input.

The Scope:

Over the last few years, Entech has addressed issues in Network Infrastructure, Cloud Servers/Applications, and Strategic Development

  • Cloud Management System: Entech assisted in the negotiation and signing of a new cloud-centric Dealer Management System contract and completely redesigned the network and internet connection infrastructure from top to bottom to ensure stable access to the new cloud environment. 
  • Cloud Server Migration: Entech moved all servers to the cloud and completed a system-wide workstation refresh at each site. They also added hosted e-mail services and new hardware at each site to provide local authentication and file sharing as needed.
  • Scalability: Scott Fischer's organization acquired the Blue Ridge Harley-Davidson location. Standardized IT processes and infrastructure allowed Entech to provide resources on the ground to bring the entire dealership up to speed and in line with the strategy in place at the other SFE locations within days.
  • New Locations & Growth: Duke City Harley-Davidson was opened. Again, the standardization provided by Entech proved invaluable in getting this location up and running efficiently. In addition, a new VOIP system was implemented as part of a phased plan to upgrade the entire organization to unified communications. 
  • Ongoing Managed Services: Entech provided technology consulting, strategy and project management services for the brand new Six Bends Harley-Davidson, a brand new entertainment complex set to house the new Fort Myers Harley-Davidson Dealership and motorcycle training facilities. The project included structured cabling, security, digital signage, sound and AV, as well as Wi-Fi coverage for the entire complex. The relocation of all equipment from the current location as well as the implementation of a new, high speed and high capacity network infrastructure is planned and approved.

The Results

  • Cloud Hosting: 100% of the organization's files and applications reside in the cloud.
  • A Defined Strategy: A continually maintained and modified technology strategy sets the direction and provides accountability in all areas, including research, contract negotiation, vendor management, project planning and management, new location planning and onboarding, feedback and oversight. 
  • Stable Infrastructure: The server and network infrastructure is stable, reliable and warrantied against hardware issues.  Recovery and continuity plans are in place in the event of a catastrophe.
  • Faster Network: The network is faster, more reliable and redundant at all points.
  • 24/7 Remote Support: All dealerships and staff have access to a skilled, knowledgable team of technology professionals.

The Outcome

After only three years of partnership with Entech, Scott Fischer Enterprises has executed a growth strategy with the help of standardized technology. Employees are more efficient and happy. The organizational health has increased with the improved and unified communication.

When asked to describe the experience that they've encountered with Entech's Managed Services, Cia Sherman, Executive Assistant to Scott Fischer, had the following to say: 

"When we brought Entech on as a partner our systems were practically in the dark ages. They were able to seamlessly move not only into the modern age of technology, but allow us to be prepared for any growth. We are proud to have them on our team!"

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