Case Study

Disaster Recovery Case Study

Disaster Recovery Situation

Location: Fort Myers, FL 

Employees: 50 employees

The Situation: 

  • A training and educational organization with a primary office located in Fort Myers, FL and 6 additional offices around the world
  • All data, email, and applications are hosted on 1 server in the main office
  • All offices function in some way utilizing the server data, email or applications creating a high reliance on these systems
  • Overnight, the main office experienced a flood with damage to several computers as well as the primary server storing data, email, and applications

The Process:

  • The organization was leveraging Entech’s image-based backup system which meant that all data, email, applications and all the needed configurations to run them were being backed up and replicated to a local device as well as an offsite location
  • Entech was managing, monitoring and testing restorations on the backup system regularly which ensured that the data was both at the ready and assured to be accessible
  • The local device was fortunately not damaged during the flood so the offsite data did not need to be engaged
  • The full running server data, email and applications were restored using the locally stored backup data to a functional state to right on the backup server
  • The affected server hardware was assessed for damage and a claim was placed with the organizations insurance company
  • A replacement server was ordered within hours of the incident

The Results:

  • The organization was restored to 100% functionality with data, email and applications within 6 business hours (half the planned goal recovery time of 12 business hours/1.5 business days)
  • The organization was able to function in the interim period without issue due to the backup images with their full server and backup device to host their data, email and applications
  • The organization minimized the business impact of a significant disaster by having the appropriate technology and processes in place to ensure a seamless restoration process

The Outcome:

  • The business owners did not have to operate at zero or limited capacity for more than 6 hours
  • The owners did not have to face any negative customer service effect even though they had experienced a major disaster
  • The organization has complete confidence that systems are safe and always recoverable within a predefined recovery window which allows them to plan for all situations accordingly

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