Canterbury School of Fort Myers


Location - Fort Myers, FL

Enrollment - 600 Students / PreK3-12

The Need

Canterbury School initially contacted Entech to perform an assessment of their current IT environment.  After receiving the 100+ page report, it was apparent that Canterbury was in need of a major reformation of both their technical and strategic approaches to technology. Their server infrastructure was out of date, and, much to the administration’s surprise, the network was extremely unstable and completely inadequate to meet the needs of the educators and students. 

Canterbury’s IT infrastructure was built on the knowledge of one in-house technician’s capabilities.  There was very little focus devoted to proactive maintenance. The administrators were busy running the school, therefore they had very little time to understand the technical infrastructure and its deficiencies.  Due to the existing administrator’s lack of knowledge in IT, they also devoted a minimal amount of time to IT Strategy.  As a result, the school’s technology was hindering their growth and innovation perspective.

In addition, the faculty and staff had little confidence in the timeliness of response from their two-person support staff.  The IT department was over-worked and generally unavailable because they were constantly rushing from issue to issue.  This reactive approach, coupled with technical instability, was restricting the educator’s ability to effectively leverage technology in the classroom.

The Timeframe

Since the initial partnership began, Entech has led Canterbury School in the execution of a complete overhaul of their IT environment and strategy.  

The Results

Together, Entech and Canterbury have revamped the IT systems and staffing strategy from top to bottom.   Entech has taken the lead in implementing Canterbury’s IT strategy and now manages the development and implementation of both their capital and operating technology budget.  Multiple projects and infrastructure updates have made the infrastructure stable and scalable.  This has allowed Canterbury to easily implement vital solutions such as campus-wide WIFI, security cameras, a ticketing system for their maintenance department, and a new strategy for 21st Century Learning, The Cougar Den.  In addition, due to staffing changes, Canterbury has entrusted Entech to take over their entire IT Department.  They utilize Entech for remote help desk support and all onsite support.  Since this change, Canterbury’s faculty and staff are extremely confident in their support system and the timeliness of the response backed by survey satisfaction scores of 99% across the board.     

The Process

Initially, Entech implemented several changes to stabilize and cleanup existing infrastructure. Entech introduced Canterbury to an educational reseller as a means of buying highly discounted software. Among these items, there were a few key changes:

Ticketing System, Data Storage and Server Upgrades

  • Implemented ticketing system for tracking and trending all IT support requests.
  • Installed a proactive maintenance and remote management system on all stations.
  • Eliminated desktop machines being used as servers and virtualized all servers onto a VMWare platform.  
  • Initiated general IT cleanup by mapping hardware locations, removing old equipment, and identifying server roles and functions in addition to providing adequate power, cooling and monitoring of the server room.
  • Implemented a Storage Area Network (SAN) as a local data storage solution. 
  • Redesigned Canterbury’s backup infrastructure and implement image-based backups to a local Network Attached Storage (NAS) device.
  • Implemented Service Level Agreement for all support issues to properly prioritize requests to ensure timely resolution.

Equipment Upgrades and Advancements

  • Designed and installed campuswide wired and wireless security cameras. 
  • Implemented a fully managed VoIP phone system campus-wide that eliminated constant phone system issues, cut costs and added useful features.
  • Introduced thin client technology to eliminate the need to replace computers every 3-4 years.

EdTech Integration - Upgrade Student Learning Environment

  • Designed and implemented centrally managed and secure campuswide wireless network.
  • Added iPads and AppleTVs in classrooms and replaced desktops with laptops. 
  • Implement camera solutions for Upper School locker room.

Complete Collaboration and Upgraded Support

  • Reduced licensing footprint by implementing uniform licensing solution.
  • Collaborated and increased technical abilities of onsite IT resource, funneled support through Help Desk and initiated regular meetings with department heads for strategic growth planning.
  • Began utilizing Entech for all support issues.  This includes funneling all support to Entech’s Help Desk and Entech providing all onsite support via a locally placed Entech technician.  (Previously, a Canterbury employee provided the onsite support.)
  • To increase communication, an Entech representative was invited to sit in on all Senior Administrative meetings, faculty meetings, and Curriculum Committee meetings.  This allows for an IT prospective on all decisions.

Technology Advancement

  • Entech co-chaired the selection committee for finding Canterbury's Technology Integration Specialist (Director of Instructional Technology), a new position created to focus on the faculty and student interaction with technology.
  • Launch of the The Cougar Den, a collaborative, modern learning space for equipped with smart boards, media centers, and workspaces for student use. 

The Outcome

Over the last 4 years Canterbury has partnered with Entech to completely evolve their campus technology and provide a competitive advantage over other independent schools in the area.  This offers a learning environment that nurtures a student's natural affinity for technology.

When asked about the changes and relationship that Canterbury has fostered with Entech over the last four years, Tony Paulus, Head of School, had the following to say about Entech's team:

"We take pride in being on the cutting edge of education. Entech's expertise has helped us improve the lives of our faculty and students and prove our commitment to academic excellence. We're pleased to be working more closely with their team in the years to come."


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