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Company History

Born from a realization that computers would become a vital tool in daily communication and commerce, Martin Haas began Computer Tutor in 1998.

Working from his house Martin built a loyal client base of residential and small business computer users. Many times consulting with third parties and learning on the job, Martin was able to grow his business at a rapid rate. Dedicated to unparalleled customer service, he was determined to stand out among unreliable service companies in our area.

In 2001, Jake Spanberger, Martin's step son, graduated from the University of Florida. After heavy recruitment from Enron, Johnson and Johnson, and Black and Decker, Martin was able to use his legendary sales skills and convince Jake to come to work with him. After a short stint in Martin's mother's spare rooms and garage, Computer Tutor needed more space. Never imagining they would outgrow the space, Jake and Martin took control of 750sq feet on North Del Prado in Cape Coral.

By the end of 2002 they had three more employees. 

In 2004, they had grown to 11 employees and by the end of 2005, what was once Computer Tutor had become Entech Computer Services, a full-fledged IT Consulting Company.

Currently, our Corporate Headquarters boast 3,750sq feet of customized work space.  A far cry from Martin's mother's garage.

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