IT Case Study


Investors Security Trust


This financial services company is the premier provider of investment, trust and estate management services in Southwest Florida. 

Users: 30

Location: Fort Myers, FL 

The Need

Investors Security Trust (IST) provides best-in-class estate and wealth management services, but being on an outdated infrastructure was handicapping them. IST contacted Entech with the goal of modernizing their infrastructure, document handling process, and communications. They also wanted to ensure that they were properly protecting their customer data. 

The Timeframe

Since the relationship between IST and Entech was initiated, Entech has addressed network infrastructure, disaster recovery, business continuity and data security. 

  • February - April: Entech assisted in the replacement of an aging network infrastructure. New managed switches, firewalls, wireless access points and a new server were installed.
  • April - July: In preparation for a relocation, Entech researched and presented options for new VOIP phone systems, Fiber Optic internet, data and voice wiring and physical security measures. Each contract was negotiated on IST's behalf and IST was guided throughout the process of signing the agreements. Additionally, Entech provided strategic insight during the planning phase of the office rebuild, offering server room requirements, network drop locations and security device placement guidance. 
  • August: Investors Security Trust moved to their newly renovated offices. At the time of the move, Entech arranged, connected and tested the internet, phone system and security system. To minimize interruption, users moved their own workstations during the move. Entech handled the relocation of server and network equipment to the new facility, which limited total downtime to less than 2 hours total. The majority of users only experienced downtime during the time it took to physical move their personal effects.

The Results

In the short period that Entech has been working with Investors Security Trust, we have been able to completely revolutionize their processes, data security and communications. Among the improvements that we made were: 

  • More modern hardware and software applications
  • Implementation of best practices for user permissions and security, including a web based security system
  • Fully offsite data recovery and business continuity solution
  • Faster, redundant internet connectivity
  • Seamless relocation

The Impact

  • A more stable infrastructure for better accomodate their users.
  • More efficient day to day operations and improved user productivity.
  • On demand strategic planning and IT consulting. 
  • Improvement in client services and communications.

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