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The foundation for your technology approach. Together the four cornerstones make up the ideal approach to your business technology. Ensure that you have a solid plan in place, the appropriate equipment for that plan, and the appropriate amount of support for equipment and users by making these key elements part of your comprehensive strategy.

The Cornerstones


The most overlooked aspect within SMB organizations. Strategy bridges the gap between day-to-day business functions and IT processes for proactive upgrades, software evolutions and increases in profitability.


Infrastructure is the heart of your IT organization. It includes the servers, network equipment, equipment rooms, business applications, server applications, frontline and internal defense systems, and backup systems.


Support is the reactive issue remediation function of an IT organization. When IT issues occur the key to effective support is the time it takes to react, resolve, and resume normal operation.


Integration is the improvement of end-user interaction with IT systems. Ensure maximum communication between your IT systems managers and your employees.

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The goal of the Four Cornerstones is to ensure our partners advance or maintain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Each one represents a key aspect of how technology should be leveraged in any business environment from a cohesive, long-term strategy to a well maintained infrastructure, pairing that with a well-equipped and responsive support team and then carefully tweaking your employee efficiency and interaction with your technology. Each element forms a critical foundational structure that you can rely on and build upon when your business is ready to take it to the next level. We help our partners every day by identifying and constantly improving on each area to ensure maximum stability and predictability of their technology.



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