Case Study

Golf & Country Club

Cypress Lake Country Club


Cypress Lake Country Club is Fort Myers' oldest and most historic private golf club. 

Employees: 50

Location: Fort Myers, FL 

The Why 

Cypress Lake Country Club is one of the oldest and most well-respected country clubs in Southwest Florida, but it was becoming clear that the outdated infrastructure and aging workstations were no longer serving the members or employees. The existing infrastructure could barely support the most basic functions, not to mention the mounting issues the Club was experiencing with back office management, tee time and pro shop functions. The symptoms mounted: aging network cabling, unreliable network devices, ill-performing POS systems, slow workstations, lack of vendor management and a desire for wireless internet sent the Club looking for a trusted IT partner to help imrpove the member experience. 

The How 

In the first year that Entech was engaged by Cypress Lake, there were significant enhancements to the Club's technology.

  • June: Initial network and system assessment revealed a litany of issues, including infrastructure, physical cabling, backup system, Jonas application updates, lack of reliable wireless network, no security updates, and lack of proper support and documentation. 
  • July: Based on the information garnered from the assessment, the new network and physical cable plan was deviced and implemented. This included the implementation of a new, facility-wide wireless network for both private and public access in 100% of the club's facilities. 
  • August: Managed Services were implemented along with a new backup system, antivirus systems, and security management systems. In conjunction with the Managed Services implementation, all POS and management workstations were replaced or upgraded based on the need of the station role or location.
  • September: Tablets for tee time and golf cart barn management were implemented using the newly designed and documented system. A brand new, reliable, commercial-grade wireless network facilitated the tablet acess.
  • October: The tennis building was reconnected to the main network system after years of being disconnected due to a poorly conceived network connection.

The Outcome 

In just over a year, Entech completely updated POS, workstations and network infrastrucutre. The Club's data is now secure, with a complete disaster recovery solution in place. The member experience is vastly improved with new wireless and course booking capabilities and overall the efficiency of the club and happiness of members and staff is much improved.

  • Wireless network provides critical amenity to members. 
  • New technology in the pro shop and and cart barn. 
  • Server infrastructure is stable, reliable and warrantied against hardware failure. 
  • All employees have 24/7 access to a team of engineers that are ready to assist with issues as needed.

The Impact

  • Much improved member experience. 
  • More efficient, productive employees.
  • Reliable access to needed files, applications and POS.
  • Secure environment that meets standards for all applicable policies. 

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