Case Study

Internet Service Audit

Internet Services Provider Audit Scenario

Discover how to save on this critical component of your business. 


Scenario 1: Small Business

Employees: 15

Organization Profile: Construction Company

  • In-House Server
  • In-House Email
  • Primary Line of Business Application
  • Internet used heavily for permitting and financial processing
  • Internet Service Provider: Comcast Cable Internet
  • Total Monthly Bill: $226.35 per month

Evaluation Process 

The company relied heavily on remote access for employees from the field.  They had signed up for services 5 years prior to the audit and had not reviewed their needs since then.  They were paying a 5-year-old rate for an “entry” level package with only 16MB of download speed which was inhibiting their access.

The Result

Entech utilized its contacts in the industry to renegotiate the agreement to garner speeds of 50MB download at a cost of $121.18 per month.  The increased speeds eliminated connection issues and improved productivity by over 30%.

Annual Savings: $1,262.04


Scenario 2: Mid-Sized Business

Employees: 50 employees

Organization Profile: Hospitality Industry,

  • 3 In-House Servers
  • Hosted Email Services
  • Quickbooks and Quickbooks POS
  • Internet used for Credit Card Processing
  • Internet Service Provider: Windstream Communications, Multiple T1 Connections
  • Total Monthly Bill: $3,426.12 per month

Evaluation Process 

The company was relying on a outdated “bank style” infrastructure to connect their buildings together using T1 lines from the Internet Service Provider.  This resulted in thousands of dollars per month in charges for years on end.  Entech reorganized the network structure and Internet access in a way such that these connections were no longer needed.

The Result

Entech leveraged its contacts to bring in new internet connections (from multiple providers to ensure 100% redundancy) and connected into the newly redesigned network eliminating the entire $3,426.12 monthly bill and replacing it with a new combined bill of $635.20

Annual Savings: $33,491.04



The takeaway from this exercise is that all ISP contracts should be audited at least once per year.  The cost of these services provided always is going down and there are new promotions and bundles that can be leveraged to save your organization money.  Entech has strategic partnerships with all major ISPs in the markets we serve to ensure that we are always able to save our clients the most money.

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