Case Study

IT Support

From fragmented, lackluster support to seamless HelpDesk assistance and Managed Services.

Location: Fort Myers

Employees: 50

The Why

The organization was facing a number of different challenges:

  1. IT Support response times were between 2 and 8 business hours for employees at all levels (Executives, Managers, Employees).
  2. IT Support resolution times ranged from between 4 business hours to 24 business hours with an average of 14 business hours for resolution.
  3. The poor response and resolution times inhibited access to critical applications, there was little clarity or communication regarding technology resolutions and there was almost no ability for the organization to provide a high level of customer service to their customers.

The How

The system and organization were evaluated to determine the average support responsiveness. An analysis of response and resolution times was provided to assist the business leaders in deciding the best course of action. 

The Analysis:

Average Organizational Cost: 

  • Average Burdened Employee Cost (per minute): $0.42
  • Average Burdened Manager Cost (per minute): $0.61
  • Average Burdened Executive Cost (per minute): $0.78
  • Overall Average Cost Per Minute: $0.58

Old Support Response Times and Cost: 

  • Average Response Time: 360 minutes (6 Hours)
  • Average Resolution Time: 840 minutes (14 Hours)
  • Average Productivity Impact: 50%
  • Average Opportunity Cost of Current Support: 

    50 (employees) x 840 (resolution time) x $0.58 (cost per minute) x 50% (productivity impact) =


Entech Managed Services Support Metrics and Cost

  • Average Response Time: 11 minutes
  • Average Resolution Time: 48 minutes
  • Average Productivity Impact: 50%
  • Average Opportunity Cost of Entech Support:

    50 (employees) x 48 (resolution time) x $0.58 (cost per minute) x 50% (productivity impact) =


A Managed Services partnership was recommended due to the documentation and visibility gained and the positive impact that has been shown to have on support.

The company evaluated the results and made the decision to partner with Entech.

The Outcome

Here are just a few of the perks:

  • The organization has saved over $20,000.00 per month in lost productivity based on the much faster response and resolution times.
  • The employees of the organization are much happier and more confident in the technology they use.
  • The business leaders of the organization were able to grow the company within the current employee base due to the increase in productivity of current employees.
  • The organization can provide a much faster and more reliable customer service experience to its clients. 

How does this help the organization?

  • Productive and efficient workforce.
  • Happy customers and clients.
  • Confident business leaders. 

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