IT Case Study


Advanced Components International (ACI)

Number of Employees: 50

Location: Fort Myers, FL 

The Need

ACI is a manufacturing company that sought a strategy for better technology support, vendor management, and technology budgeting. Their business structure required strict adherence to a parent company’s security policies which they had no way to certify were being met. From a day-to-day perspective, the support methodology was based on internal resources providing front-line support, coordinating providers and vendors as well as doing upgrades and projects. This caused significant resource strain and inefficiency of resource and support.

  • IT support consisted of a reactive, one person IT company that responded in 3-5 days to requests.
  • Internal resources were being used as front line support causing inefficiency.
  • Streamlined IT support was needed to handle both internal and external requests from start to finish.
  • Network devices were unreliable resulting in slow or no access to applications and files.
  • Server hardware upgrade was pending due to lack of trust in existing IT support.
  • Multiple buildings needed to be connected properly to ensure access to resources.
  • Security was a concern as there were no central management or monitoring tools.
  • Coordination with a central corporate entity was needed to ensure compliance with security guidelines and policies.
  • A short, middle and long-term IT strategy was desired

The Timeframe

Since the relationship began, there have been significant enhancements to the company's technology.

  • The initial onboarding and network analysis took place. Proactive agents were installed on all devices. Helpdesk services officially started. 
  • New network hardware was installed, including managed switches and long-range wireless access points to provide additional buildings with connectivity. 
  • New server installed, data migrated. Replaced aging hardware and updated aging server operating system to Server 2012. 
  • Completed new building migration of secondary office building. The move was facilitated by redirecting existing point-to-point wireless link and verifying connectivity. 
  • Security compliance adjustments were completed and existing naming conventions were replaced to meet parent company's new security 

The Results

In just over a year, Entech completely revolutionized ACI's helpdesk support, with support surveys yielding 99% satisfaction. In addition, a new server and faster, more reliable network and wireless network allows mobility on premises. 

  • New, fully compliant server with internal and external security policies running on stable hardware. 
  • New wireless network allows mobile users to work where they need to from any device rather than being limited by a hard connection.
  • New server infrastructure brings stability and reliability and is warrantied against potential hardware issues.
  • Network infrastructure is significantly faster and more reliable.
  • All ACI employees have 24/7 access to a team of engineers that are ready to assist as needed.

The Impact

  • Significantly improved employee support experience.
  • Stable, speedy infrastructure.
  • Efficient managers and employees.
  • Reliable access to needed files, applications and other network resources.
  • Secure environment that meets standards for all applicable policies. 

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