IT Cloud Case Study


Associates in Dermatology

Number of Employees: 75

Location: Fort Myers, FL 

The Need


Associates in Dermatology (AID) is a medical practice that had not upgraded their connections, network or server hardware in 7+ years. The Practice Administrator had begun to see the effects of the aging equipment and the servers were inconsistent at best. AID also wanted a backup and recovery system in place that would provide immediate recovery and continuity in the event of a hardware failure or regional disaster event.

The planning and strategy process took place over 10 months and involved a detailed cost breakdown and analysis of 5 different options (both on- and off-premise).  This culminated in a project to refresh all servers, network, and workstation hardware as well as relocate the HER to a Hosted Cloud facility and update all local software.

  • Server hardware was aging and in need of replacement
  • EHR software was out of date and in need of upgrade
  • A business continuity solution was desired to ensure maximum uptime of critical systems
  • Server organization needed to be restructured and updated based on current workflows
  • An analysis of the Cloud Hosted EHR option was needed
  • Network connectivity within and between both offices was outdated and slow
  • Internet connections at both offices were slow and expensive and had not been evaluated in years
  • Outdated, classic “terminals” were in use which limited functionality and created a reliance on one central system.

The Results

In only 4 months time, Entech completely updated Associates in Dermatology's technology setup. Upgrades were completed to network elements and servers, along with moving their primary EHR to the cloud. 

  • Successful relocation of primary EHR responsibilities to a cloud-based, hosted facility
  • Replacement of all “terminals” and workstations with carefully tailored systems to match each job function (clinical and administrative)
  • Upgrade of all server hardware
  • Implementation of virtualization for remaining servers to provide ease of management and migration as needed between hardware elements
  • Upgrade of all network elements (switching, routing, and firewalls)
  • Update of all server and workstation software and operating systems
  • Establishment of a secure VPN tunnel between offices to replace antiquated link
  • System and file cleanup and reorganization to ensure needed data was accessible and logical
  • Workflow analysis and workstation customization to work roles

The Impact

  • Significantly improved patient experience.
  • Stable, speedy infrastructure
  • Efficient manager, employees, and doctors
  • Reliable access to needed files and applications
  • Removal of instable, non-redundant systems
  • Secure environment that meets standards for all applicable policies (HIPAA, ITIL, etc.)

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