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Why is Entech so unique?

Because we care, not necessarily about profits but about our clients. About partnering with our clients. About enabling our clients to work in and on their business. About functionality.

Everyone at Entech Computer Services is totally committed to keeping our customers' networks functioning which enables them to carry on with their businesses.

Functionality is the key word. You take care of your business while Entech takes care of your computer related needs.  - Martin Haas, President

Martin Haas founded Entech under the name Computer Tutor in 1997.

Hi, I'm Martin, co-owner & founder of Entech Computer Services, and it's my goal to assure you have a positive and productive experience with technology!  

I love doing “good” business!  That means not chasing the buck but chasing client satisfaction.  Ensuring that all parties involved in the “deal” are benefiting.  Doing “good business” earns the trust of everyone involved, employees and clients alike.  Referring specifically to Entech, unparalleled customer service is my goal.  The way to reach that goal, to me, is a no-brainer. 

Do the right thing every time. 

To be known as a “straight shooter” says it all.  Entech has an outstanding reputation and it’s not an accident.  The proof is in the pudding.

It is very rewarding to be an influencing factor in the development of our business and our employee’s approach.  To set the bar high and watch everyone proudly reach that bar gives me lots of satisfaction.

I get great fulfillment in setting a goal, making a plan to reach that goal, following the plan and finally standing on the goal looking back at the successful track.  To include our employees and our clients in that successful track is very rewarding.

Martin Haas

CEO and Founder, Entech IT Consulting