Meet our

Chief Financial Officer

Neil_Headshot.jpgHi. I'm Neil Shnider. I am the Chief Financial Officer here at Entech.

I have 22 years of practical experience owning and operating a chain of retail stores, building medical centers and understanding changing marketplaces. Through this experience, I have been able to help businesses grow through partnerships with vendors, clients and the community to pursue their goals. 

As a CPA with an MBA and a professional degree from The Ohio State University, I listen to clients to understand their needs, the needs of their employees and the community and attempt to help Entech deliver products/services to allow their customers to grow, prosper and advance the lives of those around them. 

Acting as the CFO of Entech I am able to provide mentoring, counseling and direction for Entech to be the best they can so they can help their clients be the best they can.

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