Case Study

Non-Profit Technology


Edison Ford Winter Estates

Location - Fort Myers, Florida

Users - 75+

The Need

The Edison Ford Winter Estates is a historical landmark located in Downtown Fort Myers. While the Estates is non-profit, most of their revenue is dependent upon ticket sales. The Estates initially contacted Entech requiring more reliable IT support for their organization, but the initial assessment yielded significant issues:

  • Server and Network Hardware and Software Systems out of warranty and support.
  • Unreliable network causing slow or lack of access to applications and files. 
  • Inability to process credit cards with Point of Sale systems.
  • Aging, slow workstations causing user inefficiency. 
  • Overwhelmed internal IT staff and resources. 
  • Lack of regular vendor audits.

The Relationship

Since the onset of the relationship Edison Ford Winter Estates has gradually been transformed from a technology perspective.

  • Entech updated the 11 building campus to a completely wireless infrastructure, resulting in a 20x speed increase with significantly reduced costs. 
  • The server infrastructure was redesigned and upgraded, along with the Point of Sale systems and workstations.
  • Entech assisted with special license pricing for non-profits through Microsoft, resulting in over $10,000 in savings. 
  • Environmental monitors were installed to ensure access control and temperature consistency in the server rooms.
  • Post-upgrade efficiency audit performed, complete update of all PCs, dual monitors deployed for employee efficiency, reorganization of systems.
  • VoIP system determined to be legacy without support, Entech implemented a new, blended VOIP system with support, new phones, and management hardware.

The Results

The in-house solution that Edison Ford Winter Estates had previously proved to be causing operational issues. Without reliable support, ticket sales suffered and employee efficiency was handicapped. The improvements that were made by Entech have resulted in the elimination of over $4,500 in recurring monthly bills, a stabilized and efficient Point of Sale system, and reliable system infrastructure with 24/7 support. 

The Outcome

Since bringing on a Managed Services partner, Edison Ford Winter Estates has significantly improved efficiency, received reliable 24/7 support, eliminated thousands of dollars in recurring monthly bills and gained the security that comes with a stable, consistent network and upgraded workstations. 

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