Case Study

Office 365 Migration

Local to Hosted E-mail Migration

Location: Fort Myers

Employees: 50

The Why

The organization was facing two primary challenges:

  1. Their server hardware was overworked, meaning a license and hardware update for Microsoft Exchange would be required.
  2. Their reliance on email had grown significantly in the 5 years since their last system upgrade and the local server and internet were not reliably providing access to email.

A few of the most glaring issues:

  • Remote executives, remote employees and outside sales people were constantly without access to email due to internet and server issues at the office.
  • Large emailboxes for long time employees were causing instability and syncing issues to mobile devices, tablets, and local Outlook programs.
  • The organization was losing time, efficiency, and most importantly money due to all of the email challenges.

The How

A detailed cost analysis was performed on the comparison between the two options available: 

  1. Refresh the local server hardware and buy all new Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office licensing
  2. Migrate all e-mail to the Microsoft Office 365 Environment

The Analysis:

Option 1: 

  • Server Hardware Cost: $10,000
  • Server Licensing Cost: $1,200
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Cost: $8,000
  • Microsoft Office Licensing Cost: $20,000 (50 x $400/ea)
  • Total estimated Capital Expense: $39,200

Options 2: 

  • Server Hardware Cost: $0.00
  • Server Licensing Cost: $0.00
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Cost: $0.00
  • Microsoft Office Licensing Cost: $0.00
  • Total Office 365 Hosting Costs (including server and licensing): $625/month

The company evaluated the results in conjunction with our recommendations and based on the 62-month break-even point, the access to features such as e-mail encryption and e-mail archiving, decided to migrate to the Office 365 environment. 

Leveraging Entech's Project Management services and Project Engineer Team, the organization's migration project was planned, scheduled and executed within 14 days from acceptance of the proposal. The plan included provisions for backup internet and a device that automatically switches from one to the other creating a 100% redundant access situation. 

The Outcome

As a result of the Office 365 migration, the organization was saved from a large, unplanned mid-year capital expenditure. They realized massively improved e-mail services as soon as the migration occurred, bringing them from an outdated version of e-mail server to the latest and most advanced e-mail system. 

Here are just a few of the perks:

  • Access to the latest Microsoft Office Suite and free upgrades from this point forward
  • Remote and local employees have 100% reliable access to e-mail
  • The server load is reduced significantly, effectively extending its life

How does this help the organization?

  • Productive and efficient workforce with reliable e-mail access
  • Happy customers and vendors that can reach employees 100% of the time
  • Leadership confidence in e-mail access and reliability for proactive planning across the organization. 

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