Case Study

Property Management


Florida Marina Clubs

Location - Fort Myers, Florida

Users - 50

The Why

FMC_SmallThe Florida Marina Clubs provide superior dockage, fuel and supplies in additional to fine dining, and special event venues to their customers in Naples, Tampa and Key West. Managing multiple properties across the state of Florida, the company sought a strategy for improved technology support, vendor management and technology budgeting. 

Florida Marina Clubs business structure required strict adherance to security policies. From a day-to-day perspective the support methodology was based on internal resources providing front-line support, coordinating providers and vendors as well as doing upgrades and projects. This caused significant resource drain and inefficiency of both resource and support.

A few of the most glaring issues:

  • Existing IT support consisted of a reactive, one person IT company that did not respond in a timely manner
  • Streamlined IT support was needed to handle all requests both internal and external from start to finish
  • Lack of standardization across locations from Key West to Tampa
  • Coordination with a central corporate entity was needed to ensure compliance with security guidelines and policies
  • A short-, mid-, and long-term IT strategy was desired

The How

Since the transition in providers, Florida Marina Club's technology has been completely transformed. 

The Process: 

  • Initial Onboarding and Network analysis.
  • Proactive agents installed on all devices, official start of helpdesk services.
  • In person visits to all local and remote sites provided the needed information to support and reform the environments.
  • New network hardware installed, including new secure firewall devices at all locations to facilitate reliable and secure connections to the main server farm.
  • Servers and data migrated from existing data center to Entech Cloud and brought online seamlessly.
  • Wireless network cleaned up and restored reliable functionality to Key West location

The Outcome

In a matter of months Florida Marina Clubs was moved to a secure cloud environment, which completely opened up access to company files for managers and employees while maintaining compliance with their parent office. 

What else?

  • The new server is fully compliant with internal and external security policies, and is running on stable hardware in the Entech Cloud.
  • The new wireless network allows for guests at the Key West location to connect without issue.
  • The server infrastructure is stable, reliable, and warrantied against any potential hardware issues while living in the Entech Cloud.
  • The network infrastructure is significantly faster and more reliable
  • All employees have 24/7 access to a team of engineers that are ready to assist as needed

The Results

Florida Marina Club's technology improvements since they engaged Entech have resulted in a significantly improved employee experience, a stable infrastructure, increased efficiency for users and secure, reliable access to company files, applications and other network resoures. The new environment meets all standards for all applicable policies and most importantly, is completely customized to help them best manage all three properties. 

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