Case Study

Server Room Clean-up

Server Room Clean-up and Documentation

Location: Fort Myers, FL 

Employees: 60 employees, 2 locations

The Need:

A medical office was in desperate need of some server room organization and documentation to help streamline troubleshooting and optimize network access. 

Here's a breakdown of what was needed: 

  • The organization was experiencing inconsistent network and internet access
  • They wre unable to get a complete resolution to issues when calling in to report outages and therefore issues persisted
  • The employees were not aware of what equipment and services existed in their server room
  • New internet connections had been installed by the carrier, but wre not able to be integrated, thereby wasting money and costing productivity

The Process:

An assessment of both offices was coducted to establish a full inventory of all Internet Providers and equipment: 

  • Detailed documentation of the existing environment and analysis led to the realization that the organization was paying for three internet connections at each office, but only leveraging one, which resulted in over $8,000 per year in wasted IT investment.
  • The network equipment in both offices was also determined to be compromised and not functioning properly. 
  • The engineer made recommendations to install SonicWALL firewalls to provide HIPAA compliant network protection as well as upgraded switches to improve network speed and performance. 

The Outcome

  • Once the new network equipment was installed, the new internet lines were activated and the old lines cleaned up and discontinued, saving the organiatoin over $10,000 per year net. 
  • The server rooms at both locations were cleaned out, reorganized and rewired.
  • Both server rooms were outfitted with equipment and line labels on all key elements and dcoumented thoroughly. 
  • Pictures were taken for insurance purposes as well as to aid in troubleshooting as needed.
  • The organization now has stable and reliable network and internet access.

The Impact

  • Employees now operate at maximum efficiency and productivity with stable access to their cloud-based EMR program.
  • The organization is saving over $10,000 per year on superfluous services they were not using. 
  • The medical practice can not provide its patients with faster, higher quality care and access to information. 

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