Phone Systems


Reliable VoIP with crystal clear voice services. 

One of the biggest complaints relating to VOIP Phone Service is the quality of the sound. Our VoIP Providers have a quality service guarantee that constantly monitors line quality from your office to where it connects to the public telephone network.

Perfect for employees on the go.  

Our VoIP vendors offer mobility solutions that allow for complete "follow me" services, bringing your office everywhere you go and allowing for call routing that can be customized to suit your needs. 

Other features you'll love.  

  •        Auto-attendant: Answering incoming calls after-hours or when the receptionist is unavailable.
  •        Presence: Manage your phone from your computer or smartphone.
  •        Menu Selection: Allows callers to route their call appropriately before they speak with you. 
  •        Call Forwarding: Easily route calls to a new number or transfer extensions. 

The ideal commercial wireless application starts with the appropriate equipment and an experienced deployment team. Don't over-spend or over-complicate your wireless access. Build your system right from the start with capacity and reliability in mind.

 Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of our VOIP Phone Service? Contact us for more information.