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Are you constantly worried about becoming the next cybercrime victim? If yes, you need a robust solution that will help you prevent malware threats. At Entech, we offer malware prevention solutions and malware prevention services to companies in the Sanibel Island, FL area, that ensure their business continues to run smoothly. So, reach out to us today for malware prevention support you can count on.

What Is Malware?

Also known as malicious software, malware refers to intrusive programs developed by cybercriminals to damage computer systems or steal data. There are different types of malware. They include:

  • Viruses- Software that’s designed to disrupt a system’s ability to operate. They’re often attached to a file or document and become active after you open it.
  • Trojan horses- Malicious software that is disguised as a helpful program.
  • Worms- Malware that can multiply quickly and spread to any devices within the network
  • Ransomware- Malicious software designed to access sensitive information within systems and then encrypt it
  • Spyware- These are programs that gain access to your system and run secretly while reporting back to a remote user
  • Adware- Such software collects data about your computer usage to determine appropriate advertisements

As a business, having tools to help stop breaches is great. But, sadly, it's not enough. This is because advanced malware can bypass them and make it into your system.  
As such, you need a robust malware prevention solution that has several layers of protection. Key among them should be monitoring for threats that may have gotten through perimeter defenses. 

Why Malware Prevention Support Is Essential

If you've never had a data breach, it's easy to assume that you're relatively safe. Alternatively, you may think that cyber threats are only a concern for large corporations. Either way, you're mistaken. 

Regardless of the size of your company or the industry you’re in, you are a potential target of cybercrime. Therefore, it’s not a matter of if you’ll be attacked but when.


Here are some telling stats about malware that you should know:

  • Malware infections have risen by 87% over the last decade
  • Malware attacks cost the average business approximately $2.4 million
  • Malware attacks can result in lost productivity for about 50 days

Malware Prevention Services

There are many things that come into play for malware prevention to be effective. To ensure you’re adequately protected, we offer:

  1. 24/7/365 Monitoring
    By design, malware act beneath the surface. This is why they are so disruptive, and it’s essential to detect them early on. It is for this reason that our solution offers round-the-clock threat monitoring.
  2. Threat Analysis and Knowledge Transfer
    While we are primarily a malware prevention solutions provider, that’s not all we’ll do for you. We understand the key role you play in ensuring threats are kept at bay. This is why beyond protecting you, we’ll also impart key knowledge and skills to your teams.
  3. Rapid Expert Intervention
    Ideally, malware should be dealt with before it compromises your system. However, that may not always be possible. Thanks to our continuous monitoring, we can detect threats before they cause significant damage.

Why Us?

Some of the reasons that set us apart as a malware prevention company include:

  1. Expertise and Experience
    Our team is comprised of cybersecurity specialists with top-notch expertise. Along with their industry experience and combination of unique skillsets, you can be sure of being safe from malware.
  1. Stay in Touch with the Latest Trends
    Cybercriminals are continually developing new ways to compromise systems. As such, strategies that are effective in thwarting malware today may not offer any protection later on.

    Therefore, it's essential to update your security systems and framework in relation to emerging threats. To help with this, our experts are always monitoring emerging threats. This allows you to develop remedial measures before you are affected.
  2. Comprehensive Solution
    The solutions we offer are designed to give you all-round protection from malware. From your emails to the computers, malware will find it challenging to penetrate our malware protection system.
  3. Support
    We understand the ramifications that a successful breach presents to your company. This is why we're always available to you. Should there be any concern, our support team is always ready to assist.
  4. Lightweight and Adaptable
    In light of the evolving nature of cyber threats and cybersecurity measures, the last thing you need is a solution that has a lot of systems requirements. This is why ours is lightweight to make deployment significantly easier.

    Moreover, it’s highly adaptable, making it easier to adjust according to future needs. 

Do not Leave Anything to Chance

With malware, it only takes one point of weakness for your entire system to be corrupted. Instead of leaving yourself at the mercy of hackers, be proactive with malware prevention.

By working with Entech, you will not have to worry about breaches. Our robust malware prevention solutions and a team of experts will help keep your systems safe. So, get in touch with us today for malware prevention services and support.  

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