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Entech is your trusted local provider of mobile application management solutions and services in the Sanibel Island, FL area. When you partner with us, you will receive quality mobile application management solutions that make it easy to manage employees’ access to apps and keep your company’s data and devices safe.

The importance of mobile application management

Mobile application management involves software and services that provision and control access to mobile apps used in business settings, on both company and employee-owned devices, such as smart phones and tablets. 

There are many benefits to allowing employees to use their own devices for business.  They are great for remote teams and help save on the cost of employee-owned devices. They also save time and resources for training. After all, your users are already familiar with their own devices. As your company implements a program for employee-owned devices, we can help you establish and manage controls. 

The concept also applies to each device's operating system. In some cases, you might let your employees choose their own operating system, and in other instances, restrict choices. Mobile application management can help achieve this. 

But there are some drawbacks, too. Namely, you will not have power over your employees' devices. If they happen to lose or misplace their device, it could end up in the wrong hands. Depending on the situation, this might expose critical data. However, proper mobile application management can help minimize some of the risks, and we can help you identify weaknesses and close gaps. 


Benefits of working with Entech

The direct benefits to our mobile application management services include:

Performance monitoring: Also known as application performance management (APM), this feature lets you manage the performance and availability of apps. Use this to give your team access to new apps or to restrict access as needed.

  1. Usage analytics: Find out who uses your system. This also lets you know how users are accessing your system, how long they are in it and what they are doing.
  2. Bug tracking: Track known bugs. This helps remote users and fosters collaboration amongst partners around the world.
  3. Crash log reporting: Access crash reports from different users and systems through crash log reporting. This makes it easy to track bugs, compare reports and analyze progress.
  4. User authentication: Never worry about bots, hackers, or fake users again. You can also limit access according to individual users and specific user groups.
  5. Event management: Control and manage various events. This includes user signs on/off and other common activities.
  6. Security: Our services also help keep your system safe from outside or unauthorized users. At the same time, it keeps everything accessible to the right people. 

Entech is here for you

We strive to provide reliable mobile application management solutions to your business in the Sanibel Island, FL area. Partner with us to get help managing employee access on mobile devices. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today. 

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