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Entech is your trusted local digital signage and conference room audio provider in the Sarasota, FL area. With our team collaboration audio solutions and visual displays, we can take your workplace communication to the next level. Contact us today to speak to an Audio/Video solution consultant. 

Connecting Your Teams Like Never Before 

Clear communication is the foundation of workplace collaboration. Yet traditional methods often fall short, leading to missed connections, wasted time, and lost opportunities.  

Modern audio and video (AV) solutions offer a better way. Thoughtfully designed AV setups promote free-flowing information sharing to unite distributed teams. Video conferencing, digital displays, and multi-zone sound enhance interaction for hybrid and remote workers.   

With perfectly tuned AV, your business can work smarter, faster, and more creatively than ever before. Discover the transformative power of unified communication technology. 

AV Solution

Fluid Teamwork Through Video Conferencing

When done right, video meetings bring people together across any distance. That’s why we specify best-in-class conferencing gear for pixel-perfect video and lag-free interaction. Our experts handpick equipment for seamless integration into your workflow. The result? Productive online collaboration to keep everyone in sync.

Our conferencing gear recommendations include:

  • Wide-angle cameras show all participants
  • Noise-canceling microphones for crisp audio
  • Easy content sharing from any device
  • Intuitive touch controls to manage calls
  • Flexible display options to suit any space

With us, hassle free video meetings let you brainstorm freely as one connected team. 


Digital Displays Engage and Inform 

Digital signage grabs attention with vibrant imagery and motion. Deploy these high impact displays to motivate employees, educate customers, boost branding, and more.

Our signage solutions help you:

  • Show dashboards to track KPIs
  • Display promotions to lift sales
  • Provide wayfinding across properties
  • Share training to cross-skill staff
  • Highlight safety procedures
  • And much more
AV Solution - Display Promotion
Thanks to sleek commercial grade screens and plug-and-play software, it’s simple to get your messaging seen. 

Enjoy Our AV Expertise

General IT teams rarely have deep audiovisual expertise. For years, AV solutions have been our sole focus. Our experienced consultants become an extension of your team to impart industry leading best practices. Count on highly attentive project management for smooth deployments.

Our Tailored Approach

In contrast to “one size fits all” offerings by some providers, we reject wholesale devices and software. Each business deserves solutions attuned to their individual needs for seamless integration and adoption. From initial walkthroughs to design, delivery, training, and support, we customize the entire process around your workflows for optimal user experience.

Step-By-Step Consultation

Our tailored consultation unravels technology requirements through the following:

  • Initial Walkthrough – We tour your spaces to understand functional needs and pain points.
  • Needs Analysis – Next, structured sessions uncover technical must-haves for hardware and software considerations. We also identify potential usage barriers requiring change management planning.
  • Design Finalization – With needs fully mapped, we architect AV solutions to address defined goals. We secure stakeholder signoffs on technical specifications and implementation timelines before procurement.
  • Equipment Procurement – Leveraging our extensive vendor network, we source audiovisual gear purpose-built for flawless performance within your environment. We handle logistics like storage and delivery.
  • Integrated Deployment – Our experienced technicians handle all aspects of physical setup and connections. We seamlessly interlink AV devices with your networks and backends for unified control. Thorough testing ensures glitch free functioning.
  • Adoption Support – Even well designed technology flounders without adoption. We provide training resources like videos and tip sheets to smooth onboarding. Additional onsite support is available to maximize user uptake.

Complete AV Lifecycle Management

We guide your complete AV journey - from planning through adoption and beyond:

  • Seamless Infrastructure Integration – Our skilled technicians handle all aspects of physical setup, connections, and software integration required for unified AV device control and monitoring.
  • Proactive Maintenance – Prevent issues through remote monitoring, diagnostics, and firmware updates when available. We tackle repairs immediately if needed.
  • Feature Upgrades – We track emerging solution enhancements to suggest upgrades aligned with your goals. Refresh technology incrementally to protect investments.


Unrivaled Ongoing Support

Even bulletproof audiovisual deployments need TLC. Our support team takes total ownership of maximizing long-term performance through immediate repair response. If trouble ever strikes, in-house technicians dispatch quickly for diagnosis and parts replacement. We get you back up quickly thanks to spare components on hand

Realize Your Potential

Stop struggling with disjointed communications and unlock your business's highest potential. Perfectly designed audio and video solutions connect distributed teams like never before. Flawless conferencing, eye-catching digital signage, and immersive conference room audio merge physical and digital workspace for free flowing collaboration.

Contact us today to discuss how tailored AV solutions can help you work smarter, faster, and more creatively.  

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