We aren’t scared off by any industry, any
company need, or any big business idea. We’re more than capable of designing, building, and implementing any and all types of IT solutions. But not only are we capable … we enjoy it, too. Take a look at some of the many IT projects we’ve completed for Florida SMBs.

Service Audit

Scenario 1
Industry: Construction
Employees: 25
Situation: Internet connection issues

Scenario 2
Employees: 50
Industry: Hospitality
Situation: Outdated infrastructure


Scenario 1
Industry: Education & training
Employees: 50
Situation: Office-wide flood

Server Room

Industry: Medical practice
Employees: 60
Situation: Unreliable network & internet access

Business Continuity
& Ransomware

Industry: Medical billing
Employees: 35
Situation: Attacked by Cryptolocker ransomware virus