Your Critical Challenge

As business leaders and stakeholders we have several social responsibilities. We have a responsibility to our employees to not only keep them safe, but also provide peace of mind that their positions are safe as well. We have a responsibility to our clients to uphold our end of the business relationship to provide quality and timely products and services. We also have a responsibility to ourselves and our families to provide a safe and secure future, both health and financially based.

Now, more than ever, these responsibilities are in peril as the world shifts around us and we are forced to contend with a new normal.

The Solution

Entech has a created a custom and unique assessment, designed to protect your staff, your clients, and most importantly, your business interest. Through this Secure Remote Worker Feasibility Study, our certified cybersecurity engineers will work with your remotely working staff members to evaluate commonly overlooked security best practices on their home technology equipment and configuration.

The Solution

What We’ll Do for You

  • Are your staff member’s home computers current on security patches?
  • Are your staff members home Wireless networks secure and segmented?
  • Are your employees’ spouse and/or children sharing user accounts?
  • Are your staff members creating business risk by falling for common phishing attacks?

These are just a small fraction of the more than 20 items that we’ll inspect. Then, we’ll report back to you on related to the security posture you should be aware of, when it comes to a distributed workforce.

The takeaway

In a time when social responsibility and distancing is at an all-time high, so is the risk that we all are confronted with. Don’t win the battle of staying relevant and in business, while you risk losing the war, at the hands of a cybersecurity attack.