Medical office cleans up and maximizes efficiency

Location: 2 locations in Fort Myers, FL
Employees: 20

server room

The situation

  • A medical office was experiencing spotty and inconsistent network and internet access.
  • When they reported this behavior to their ISP, they were unable to receive a permanent resolution.
  • At some point, new internet connections had been installed by their carrier, but the connections were not integrated into their preexisting infrastructure – resulting in a loss of time and money.
  • The company did not understand what equipment was in their server room or what services they were receiving.

The process

  • Entech came in and completed an assessment of both medical offices.
  • They established a full inventory of all equipment and created detailed documentation of the existing environment.
  • After completing the assessments, Entech identified a few core issues:
    • The organization was paying for 3 internet connections at each office — but only using one – this cost the company $8,000 annually.
    • The equipment was determined to be compromised and not functioning properly.

The outcome

  • To provide HIPAA-compliant network protection, SonicWALL firewalls were installed.
  • To increase the speed and performance of the network, the network switches were upgraded.
  • New internet lines were activated, and the old lines were cleaned up and discontinued — resulting in a cost savings of $10,000 annually.
  • After both server rooms were cleaned out, rewired, and organized, they were outfitted with line labels, documented thoroughly, and photographed for troubleshooting purposes.

The takeaway

With the new solution implemented, employees now have stable access to their cloud-based EMR program and operate at maximum efficiency. The organization saves over $10,000 every year and can provide patients with faster, higher-quality care.