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Internet Service Audit for Small Construction Company

The Right Partnership Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

Employees: 25

  • In-house server
  • In-house email
  • Primary line of business application
  • Internet-based permitting and financial processing
  • ISP: Comcast
Total monthly bill: $226.35

The Situation

This construction company heavily relies on remote access for employees in the field and project sites. When we first met with them, they were paying a 5-year-old rate for an “entry-level” package from Comcast. They had never reviewed their package or their needs in those five years. As a result, they only received 16 MB of download speed, greatly inhibiting their mobility, efficiency, and overall access.

Our Solution

We leveraged our contacts in the industry to renegotiate their agreement. Now, they’re receiving a download speed of 50 MB at a monthly rate of $121.18. This new internet service package:

  • increased data speeds,

  • eliminated connection issues, and

  • improved productivity by more than 30%.

Annual Savings: $1,262.04

The Takeaway

All ISP contracts should be audited once every year. The cost of these services fluctuates, and there are always new promotions and offerings in the works. Partner with us, and we can help you audit your internet agreement, evaluate your setup, and review your spending. We have strategic partnerships with all major ISPs in the market, and we are more than ready to help you score a better agreement for more value and less money.


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