Guide for Tech & Business Leaders: Reducing the Risks of Shadow IT

Every day, thousands of small and midsized businesses are targeted by cybersecurity attacks. While it's the large breaches at big name companies that make the news, small and midsized businesses are the main target.

When cybercriminals attack your small business, they attack your finances, your records and confidential data, and your intellectual property. They also attack your partners' and your customers' information, stealing their personal identity information or gaining access to their network through yours. 

So, unfortunately, a cyberattack can linger, affecting and influencing your relationships with not only current customers, but your reputation—and relationships with potential and future customers, partners, and vendors—as well. 

This makes cybersecurity around shadow IT a mission critical issue—because to protect your business on all fronts, you must first be aware of all your potential threats and vulnerabilities. By definition, shadow IT represents the technologies you don't know about, leaving you open to attack. 

In this guide, you'll learn: 

  • What is Shadow IT
  • What Does Shadow IT Look Like in Your Business
  • Cloud Tools and Software, including SaaS
  • What Are the Risks of Shadow IT?
  • How to Manage & Reduce Shadow IT
  • Reduce Your Shadow IT Risks 

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