Guide: The FTC’s New Safeguards Rule + You

When most of us hear the term “financial institution,” our minds go straight to the traditional definition: banks and lenders. But the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) uses a much broader definition.

This means that if your business is handling sensitive consumer data around financial transactions, you’re likely to be impacted by their new Safeguards Ruling that goes into effect in summer 2023 —and will need to comply with several new updates and requirements— all of which will impact your IT planning, strategy, and budgeting as well.

In this Guide, we’ll break down the FTC’s “legalese” for you so you know if you’re affected, what’s new with these updates, what you’ll need to do to be compliant and when, and lay out a roadmap to help you get there a little more easily.

In this guide, you'll learn: 

  • What the FTC Safeguards Rule is (and why you should care)
  • What industries are being impacted and how to be compliant
  • The 9 Steps of the FTC Information Security Program
  • Quick steps to start your compliance journey now

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