Case Study

Construction Industry


Colonial Roofing

Location - Fort Myers and Sarasota, Florida

Employees - 100+

The Need

Colonial Roofing initially approached Entech with serious infrastructure deficiencies and a desire to improve the existing handicaps in their business process. Their network infrastructure was dated and in need of significant upgrades. All departments required mobility on the road and at the job site. In addition, they needed a well-defined technology strategy to address the business challenges and provide a more streamlined estimate delivery system.

The Timeframe

Entech and Colonial Roofing have worked closely to migrate all of their systems to the cloud, which includes a combination of file storage, primary application hosting and mobile collaboration solutions.

The Results

Rather than implementing a single cookie cutter solution, Entech's team took the time to develop a full understanding of how the company's individual needs would be best serviced by the available technologies in the market. By moving their servers and primary applications to the cloud, sales, service and installation staff gained easy access to files on the road and at the jobsite for seamless communication and proposals. 

The Outcome

Since the relationship was initiated, Colonial Roofing has achieved higher efficiency and mobility with 100% uptime and a single source support solution for both local and cloud systems.  They now have a defined and constantly updated technology strategy that is closely aligned with the business goals.

When asked about the overall experience with Entech and his recommendations for others in the construction industry, Chris Rakos, President of Colonial Roofing, had the following to say:

“I don’t think we could hire one person and get 10% of what Entech provides us and that person would cost a lot more. To me it’s a better solution. It’s a phone call and they have all the systems, all the management, with all the ability to service it. You’ve got so many different moving parts in IT that we don’t know or understand; to me Managed Services just makes more sense.”

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