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Experience counts. 

With clients from 5 to 500 users, there's little we haven't done. We work with a variety of organizations of all sizes in every industry you can think of. Below are some of the industries we have extensive experience with. Click the links to learn more or to access case studies. 


With increasing reliance on tablets and mobile technology integration, managed services and strategic technology planning can give students and teachers the right tools to manage the learning experience. 


Maintaining cient records and data, ensuring your documents are processed efficiently and exploring new ways to decrease operating costs in your practice are just a few ways that managed services can give you the edge you need over your competition. 


With the growing need for competant medical providers for a growing population, Florida is home to every medical provider under the sun. From oncology and urology associates to surgeons and pediatric physicians, we can assist medical offices in addressing important technology issues that will help you better your workflow and bottom line.  

financialFinance & Insurance

Documents and financial information for the customers of those in the financial industry are of paramount importance. Securing your data, operating your firm efficiently and having the appropriate hardware to succeed is crucial to your business success. 


Technology not only provides you with a user-friendly experience from an administration and operations perspective, but can also help you to manufacture products more efficiently - resulting in cost savings and boosting profits.


Whether its assisting project managers on the go better access data or increasing user efficiency for your administrative staff, having a proactive approach to technology will allow your company to plan for the growth goals you seek. 


Helping others often leaves non-profits and industry organizations little time to help themselves. The flexibility to work wherever and whenever and having professionals you can rely on for technology support in addition to long term strategy and growth goals are just some of the benefits of managed services for non-profit organizations. 

Entech_Logo_NEW_COLORS_FINAL-1Property Management

From upgrading employee workstations to complete server and infrastructure overhauls, by partnering with a technology professional, your organization will cut costs, increase efficiency and plan for long term growth. 

162548242Professional Services

No matter which industry you work in or what the size of your business, adopting a more proactive view of your technology is a recipe for success. 

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