4 Reasons to Resolve Tickets When Your Engineer Responds the First Time

Ah, Help Desk. For some organizations it can be hit or miss. Lagging response times and horrible ticket resolution times are the tip of the iceberg for companies dealing with poor quality IT support. But for those that have high quality IT support, the issues are sometimes logistical. You fill out a support ticket, but once you do and the engineer contacts you, you’ve hit your groove and really don’t want to be interrupted for a resolution on something that you’re not working on at the moment. But when you call back – the engineer handling the ticket isn’t available. Here are 4 reasons to resolve those tickets the first time your engineer responds.

  1. Avoid phone tag.
    We have no way to know your schedule and you have no way to know ours. If you don’t resolve a ticket when the engineer calls, they’re going to move on to the next one. When you call you back, they’ll inevitably be in the middle of resolving the next ticket. To avoid the game of voicemail phone tag, take a moment to stop what you’re doing and resolve your ticket when your engineer calls the first time. This way your problem will be resolved and won’t handicap your productivity if you need to move back into that function at any point in your day.
  2. Avoid frustration.
    You think you’re in a groove when your engineer calls to resolve the ticket, but then you’re locked up when you realize that you still can’t print, or that you don’t have access to the right folders to save your work. A few moments interruption is no big deal to avoid the frustration that will happen down the line when you’re unable to work at capacity you’re used to working at.
  3. Help your Coworkers.
    If your coworkers have tickets or are waiting on you for a piece of information that you can’t get until your ticket is resolved, then you’ll likely inhibit their workflow and productivity. Rather than waiting to resolve your ticket until the time is perfect, taking a moment to get the issue resolved helps your coworkers remain productive as well.
  4. Eliminate the Unknown.
    It’s hard for you to tell how long ticket resolution is going to take. While ideally we like to resolve tickets as quickly as possible, there could be a few steps required in order to resolve your ticket. Rather than pushing it off until the end of the day or when you’re less busy, resolving it as soon as the engineer calls gives you the freedom to schedule out the rest of your day as planned without trying to accommodate for the schedule, availability and length of your ticket resolution.

Don’t forget, your Help Desk support team is there to help. Let them do their job so that you can get back to yours. The less you have to worry about the technology you’re using or inhibited workflows, the more happy you’ll be. Taking the time to resolve your tickets the first time makes you happier, it makes your engineers happier and it means that your technology will work again.

Who doesn’t want that?