Are you sure you’re safe on the Wild, Wild Web?

LiveStream Presentation Notes:

Making your password an asset, not a liability

  • Use a password manager
    • Features typically include
      • Ability to generate strong passwords automatically
      • Ability to share passwords with trusted people
      • Access from anywhere via the web or a mobile app
      • Emergency access. In the event something happens to you, you can designate one or more trusted people that can access your vault after a period of time
      • Audits your existing passwords and makes recommendations (too weak, used in multiple accounts, etc.)
    • Inexpensive (free to ~$6 month depending on features)
    • Ability to safeguard your vault with 2FA
  • Use 2FA whenever possible
    • Avoid SMS, use only as a last resort.

Encryption Tips for the non-geek:

  • iPhone/iPad
    • Most modern apple devices encrypt by default
    • Depending on the age, it’s protected by a 4 or 6 digit PIN
    • Turn off “Simple Passcode” to use a more complex password
    • Set “Require Passcode” to “Immediately”
    • Confirm at the bottom of the Passcode settings page it says “Data protection is enabled”
  • Android
    • The latest versions are encrypted by default
    • SD cards are not encrypted by default, if you use one you must turn it on in Settings –>Security
    • Confirm your phone is encrypted by going to Settings –>Security –>Encryption
      • If you only see the option to encrypt an SD card and your phone is newer it’s likely already encrypted
  • Laptop

“Weaponize your portable device”