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A business agility case study: Business agility from Entech’s point of view

Implementing Mobility and Flexibility No Matter the Situation

Employees: 37

Location: 2


The Solution

At Entech, we think of business agility as the ability to work from anywhere as if you’re in a traditional office environment. We set our business up so that no matter the situation, our daily work, and operations are not affected. 

Some things happen in life that require a pivot to work remotely. Of course disasters such as a hurricane or pandemic are among these scenarios. But there are also the times when you’re having a couch delivered and need to take the afternoon off but still want to get some work done while you’re waiting. Or having to take care of a sick child at home. This is why Entech relies on business agility everyday. We understand things come up, but that doesn’t mean you have to be in the office for things to get done or that business has to be negatively impacted.


The Implementation Process

About 4 years ago, we traded our desktop computers for laptops to create the flexibility for our employees to work at whichever office they wanted to. This made us realize the convenience and new found mobility benefits. After switching to laptops and mobile devices such as tablets, we set up our IT infrastructure so that it would be easy and convenient for each employee to access from anywhere. At this point, we set up a centralized communication platform that could be securely accessed from multiple different mobile devices whether that be at home, in the office, or even on the beach. Centralized communication involves some key parts in order to be agile.

These parts include: Ultralized mobility, hosted email, hosted applications, and hosted cloud. Everything pieces together to create a resiliency umbrella. In essence, this means you have the flexibility to work whenever, however, and wherever you want. 

For our centralized communication platform, we rely on Microsoft Teams. With Teams, our employees can easily call, instant message, share files, and video chat all within one hosted application. This aspect is crucial to business agility. Of course, there are other hosted applications out there that can do all these things individually. But why would you rely on 4 different applications when one can do it all? An application is not automatically agile because of the cloud. It’s about having a centralized platform to communicate instead of having multiple platforms that do different things and don’t “talk” to each other.

The Takeaway

At Entech, we have taken full advantage of business agility and what it does for our business. The only way you’ll get to a resiliency state is by having a mobile, flexible, and central way to communicate. The byproduct of all those things is that you have an automatic BDR plan built in. We don’t have to worry about what we’ll do if a hurricane strikes or there’s another global pandemic. Our employees are equipped with all the tools they will need to do their job as if they were sitting in the office. We are empowered by technology, not limited. 


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