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Episode 1: Virtual Meeting Best Practices

Virtual meetings are more popular than ever. We have 5 helpful tips for hosting successful meetings.

Click here for “Buddy’s 10 Commandments for Virtual Meetings”

5 best practices

  • Same day: Meetings should recur on a specific day and you can adjust your day around that meeting as needed
  • Same time: Being consistent helps to keep staff focused, try not to move the times often
  • Same agenda: Adds structure, make sure to send out information prior to the meeting so everyone understands the purpose of the meeting and what will be covered in it
  • Start on time: Early is on time, on time is late, start times are set in stone, always start on time
  • End on time: Be respectful of other people’s times, if the meeting is 60 mins, do not go a minute over, reconvene at a different time if need be

How do we avoid these mess ups?

  • Preparation: Make sure and practice with your tools ahead of time, make sure everything is working. Close all your tabs and windows you don’t want to be shared, be careful on the background that your sharing. Make sure your wallpaper is not distracting or offensive to others
  • Their expectations: Do not expect your team to know what good looks like until you make it aware to them, be purposeful with it. Give your members the full amount of attention, take breaks if meetings last more than 90 minutes and be respectful of one another. Make sure to have security settings on your accounts so you can protect your company when having a meeting
  • Our brand: Do everything you can to represent your culture and your brand, in and out of meetings. Make sure when you do a slide presentation use your brand and add your letterheads, dress to impress wear your branded shirts as if you are working in the office, when you’re wearing that shirt your ready to work

Distraction risks

  • Turn your notifications off (Email, watch, Collaboration apps, etc.)
  • Wear solid colored shirts, pattern shirts/blouses can be distracting
  • No custom backgrounds zoom allows you to change your backgrounds which can be distracting to others, keep it plain and simple
  • Lighting matters, make sure to have a well lit room to showcase yourself and be aware of your surroundings
  • Have someone take notes for you, make sure you have someone who can take down important information as the meeting goes on
  • Leverage the chat bar with staff and help them engage people who may be feeling down or not involved in the meetings, give that virtual boost to make everyone feel engaged in the meeting
  • Let your culture show, keep track of who is participating, check headsets and microphones, set your camera at eye level sit to on side to the frame, it gives a better engagement experience
  • Stand up and move around

Traction Tools (EOS)

Traction Tools is an Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), which integrates a holistic business model with a set of business tools. The business process is used to align and synchronize all pieces of your vision to produce the results you want. A L10 meeting known as a Level 10 meeting is a 90-minute meeting for your leadership team that rates a “10” by your employees to help your team create a consistent rhythm that keeps the company focused on the vision

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