A note from Entech's CEO, Jake Spanberger: We grow or we die

Jake - original file 3685x5527Now that we are several weeks past Hurricane Ian, I reflect on all the conversations I’ve had with people outside of Southwest Florida. They are generally shocked by what they see in the news, and, when I tell them that isn’t the half of it, they are stunned.

If you are down here, hearing people’s hurricane stories has become the norm. I was talking today to one of our valued partners, Bill, who is the GM of the Inns at Sanibel. He was showing me pictures of what was his office; the completely destroyed lobby, blown-out windows, and his office chair that was blown from his enclosed office to the middle of a field.

I think stories like Bill’s are even more shocking to those not from here when I tell them that he’s not standing still and throwing in the towel. He’s accepted what has happened and is choosing to look forward and come back stronger than ever. Bill’s mindset seems to be the same as all of us down here. We’ve accepted what is, and we are moving forward. 

This is a mindset that we’ve always tried to cultivate here at Entech. 

One of our core values is “we grow or we die.

We’ve utilized several different strategic planning tools in the past. The one we use today is called EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). This tool forces us to continually look one, three, and 10 years into the future and agree on the direction we want to head in. We share this plan with our team to ensure everyone knows why we make the decisions we do, and how they can play a role in our collective future. 

We have some very aggressive growth plans in place, but we know we can’t achieve them without a team who takes great care of our loyal client partners who, in turn, allow us to play a part in taking care of the communities we serve. Yes, there are times when we get off course, but everyone on our team is dedicated to making our client partners successful and enabling them to do what matters

This is our #1 purpose: enabling people to do what matters.

As I said above, we are working on some aggressive growth plans. We know we are building something special here at Entech and we know Entech can make a difference to you and to our communities. 

The only way to achieve our goals was by finding the right capital partner to help us get there. We found just that in a Chicago-based Private Equity firm named Prospect Partners. They specialize in partnering with existing leadership teams that are at a critical spot in their growth journeys and ready to rise to the next level. 

That is exactly where we are. With their partnership, we will be able to develop new service offerings, implement new systems and technologies, and source additional skilled talent, all for the betterment of you, our client partners. 

All of our existing leadership team will remain the same. We will just have their financial backing and business acumen to help us achieve our vision.  We’re very excited about where we’re heading as a business. And, like Bill, we’re not standing still, we’re moving forward.

For more information, read our press release here.

Thank you for your continued trust and support in Entech,

Jake Spanberger
Chief Executive Officer

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