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Entech Marks 25 Years of Growth and Business with a Celebration of Values and Community

Entech Celebrates 25 Years of Doing What Matters as a Florida-Focused Platform MSP Organization

FORT MYERS, Fla. (April 26, 2023) – Entech, a leading Managed Technology & Cybersecurity Service Provider, will mark 25 years in business this year with an anniversary celebration of its guiding philosophy to "Do What Matters."  

"When I look back, I'm most proud that as a 90+ person organization, we're not that different from when we were a two-person organization,” remarked CEO Jake Spanberger. “The values that we lived by back then are still the values that we live by today.” 

Entech has grown since 2003, when the company formally rebranded from Computer Tutor, transitioning from IT software tutoring and computer fixes to building a Managed Service Provider business. In 2014, the next goal was to take a platform-level approach to IT services, and in that following year, the merger with United Systems and, most recently ITVantage in 2021, did just that. The company's Leadership Team has completed six M&A transactions yielding successful integration and growth.  

"At 25 years, our success is in our ability to build a company based upon family values and friendship and a place where people can have fun, be themselves, enjoy what they do, and rely on each other," Spanberger continued. "I'm proud that we've been able to take that foundation and build an infrastructure and a culture where we empower people, we grow leaders and see our people succeed, and we are doing great things by doing the right thing at all times." 

As an EOS company, Entech continually focuses on the growth and strategy of the business. From the one-year plan in 2023 to their three-year picture, Entech is committed to doubling revenue across the Florida community they serve. This focus on revenue growth will enable the investment of their people through professional development, internship programs, and training teams resulting in better-than-best-in-class employee satisfaction.  

"From the inside out, we call our customers our partners because we believe that business starts with people, and people drive relationships,” said VP & Chief Revenue Officer David Spire. “When we invest in our people, they give their best to our partners. With an acquisition-led growth strategy, we not only touch the neighboring communities we serve today, but we can help sustain, reinvest, and reinvigorate the entire state of Florida. Enabling people is at the core of our mission to Do What Matters. It’s more than what we do; it’s who we are." 

Florida-focused and committed to community, Entech is a platform MSP organization that continues to thrive by advocating for technology transformation. With a keen eye on the implications of technological innovation and adoption for both companies and consumers, security, compliance, and safety are top of mind for regulated industries, nonprofits, schools, and businesses.  

"If we can support those that change the world and improve our community, both with innovation and investment, then we've done our part," noted Spanberger. 

Recognized by Google as the #1 reviewed Managed Service (Computer & Support) organization in the nation, Entech is regularly listed among the industry's top service providers and best places to work with countless accolades from Inc., CRN, MSP Mentor, Channel Futures, and more. 

About Entech 

Entech is a leading Managed Technology & Cybersecurity Service Provider serving Fort Myers, Naples, Sarasota, Bradenton, and Tampa Bay. Priding itself on exceptional customer service, Entech unites people, process, and technology to keep companies on the move and data as secure as it is flexible. At its core, Entech is a family business that’s been doing what matters for more than two decades. We are passionate about partnerships, fanatical about fast IT support, and unwaveringly committed to results. Learn more at or reach out to our team at (239) 230-0282. 


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