Video: SaaS Sprawl & Shadow IT



Optimized and Secure in 1,2,3 

The risks of Shadow IT and SaaS sprawl include data protection and loss, expanded attack surfaces, and yep, increased costs. 

Shadow IT grows out of a lack of knowledge on both employees' and IT's part. The good news is, it's also illuminating, shining a light on the needs employees have and the tools they value. The best approaches to reduce shadow IT risk take this into consideration, establishing policies that both protect and empower, while bringing employees along through education so they view them less as restrictive, and more as protective of the team and organization as a whole. 

Fortunately, you can also take control of it and reduce it by following a three-pronged approach: technology, employee education, and policy. In our Guide How to Reduce the Risks of Shadow IT, we'll walk you through exactly how to discover Shadow IT in your business and take control of it.

How to Reduce the Risks of Shadow IT; download the Guide


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