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Do you understand the true impact that downtime can have on your organization?

469056653There's no doubt that downtime can handicap your productivity, but there are other consequences that can have a lasting impact:

  • Loss of productivity.
  • Penalties in compliance.
  • Customer or client relationship impact.
  • Long term reputation damage.

The term Business Continuity stems from the end-result of this technology which is the recovery of all critical servers and data within a very short time window.

Entech offers a set of technology (both hardware and software) that provides onsite and offsite data backup and protection.

Very simply, it works by creating backup images of the servers, storing them on a local device that has the capability to run the servers in the event of a failure. In conjunction with this local hardware setup, a cloud facility replicates the images and the servers can be spun up in the cloud should the entire site be compromised.

This solution provides complete continuity for your business, allowing virtually seamless operation, in the event of a catastrophe (whether local or regional).

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