3 super common PC issues and their super easy fixes (Part 2)

Your microphone is up and running, and your computer might not be imitating an Atari ST (circa 1985), but that doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing. We gave you some quick fixes for these issues in Part 1, but the list of common PC issues is long and frustrating (especially if you haven’t even had enough time to grab your morning cup of coffee).

Thankfully, you can troubleshoot the majority of common PC issues with a few basic steps. Let’s take a look at a couple of those issues right now.

I can’t log in

It happens. You turn on your computer, type in your password, and receive an error message. Apparently, you’ve typed in the wrong password. Now what? You’re using the same password you’ve used for years, and it’s never given you a problem before.

Don’t reach for the telephone just yet.

Before you get your IT department involved, take a look at your keyboard. If caps lock is on, then it’s likely the source of your issue. Make sure caps lock is off (and num lock is on if you use the keypad). If this doesn’t fix the issue, and you’ve made sure your keyboard is clear, then you might want to call in the experts. However, you’d be surprised how many times this common PC issue is solved by simply checking caps lock.

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My computer ate my (home)work

When you’ve just spent three hours polishing up a proposal or putting the finishing touches on a report, the last thing you want is to start all over when your file suddenly disappears. Just remember, most modern word processing software has some sort of autosave function. In other words, all is not yet lost.

Open your word processor and look at the recent file list. You might see your work at the top. If you think it went to the recycle bin, just open it up and move the file somewhere safe. Even if you did lose some of your work, you’ll likely be able to access a recent backup, which might only mean a few minutes of lost labor.

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The printer won’t print

You’ve finally got your file back and everything print ready. But now … the printer won’t work. You have a print queue full of attempts, but nothing is coming out of the printer.

Of course, you’ve already checked the power switch, right?

Just in case, take another look at the lights on the printer. Maybe the power cord jiggled loose, or maybe someone else in the office turned it off by mistake. It doesn’t hurt to check, and it can spare you a very embarrassing moment with IT.

If the printer is getting power and all of the cords are firmly attached, check for a paper jam. These are relatively easy to clear, and most printers have a diagram, complete with pictures, to help you out.

When PC issues go beyond basic

While most of the time, PC issues have an easy fix, sometimes you do need to get a little expert help. When it’s not just your internet, but the whole network, or if basic troubleshooting isn’t enough, drop us a line. Our managed IT services can keep your technology healthy and IT problems far from your desk.