5 Benefits of Outsourced IT Support


When it comes to IT support, some companies prefer to have the perceived “control” that comes with an in-house option. After all, there is a certain peace of mind when you have a person on premises to help your users in the event of an outage. The fact of the matter is that an in-house resource can become exhausted, lack the appropriate tools needed to deliver support, usually lacks the breadth of knowledge required and usually ends up costing more than an outsourced option. If you’re considering eliminating your in-house IT support staff and replacing them with an outsourced vendor, we’ve covered a few benefits that might help you make the right decision. 

  1. Controlled costs.
    iStock_000045759838_SmallIt’s an eternal battle with your CFO. You’re constantly pushing for more budget to deliver your users and customers the technology that they expect, but you get pushback from the executive team. Outsourced IT support is a controlled monthly expense that only goes up as you add users, which means that you can typically plan for the increased costs as you plan strategically for hiring and expansions. Rather than having a huge invoice every time you go down or a user needs help, you have one fixed monthly expense.
  2. Focus on what you do best.
    Rather than focusing on the management and recruiting of efficient resources in-house, outsourced IT allows you to focus on your business. This includes focusing on operations, management and growth rather than attempting to understand how your technology is failing your users.
  3. Minimized Security Risk.
    With the majority of breaches that occur every year due to employee negligence, having the appropriate security measures and policies in place will help you to avoid data breach and compliance issues. Your IT support company will help to maintain antivirus, run updates and make sure that your network is running optimally by protecting you from security threats.
  4. Gain access to team of experienced resources.
    The truth is that in-house staff can become rusty from an expertise perspective. Managed Services technicians have experience in a variety of businesses and industries, addressing every issue under the sun. As a result they can pinpoint issues sooner, resolve them faster and have users up in running in less time than a bogged down in-house resource would be able to.
  5. Free up resources to focus on strategy.
    Part of the issue with single man or internal IT departments is that they’re so bogged down in handling IT support and workstation issues that they never get to focus on proactive strategy, business continuity or technology advancement. When you outsource, you not only offload the worry, but you free up your resources to focus on what’s most important – the strategic growth of your business.

It’s not easy to make massive changes in your organization. It’s tough on your budget and it requires dedication and commitement to change your processes. It’s so easy to continue doing everything the same way. But if you want to evolve in your organization, you have to change the way you do things. Outsourced IT support will free up internal resources, minimize your security risk and free you up to focus on your business operations and growth.