5 ways to grow your business with LinkedIn

This is a walk through on how to create and build your LinkedIn page, you’ll probably need to watch the video for the full experience. Here is a list of what is covered.

The power of LinkedIn

  • 630+ million members
  • 30+ million companies
  • 20+ million jobs 
  • 35k+ skills
  • 90k+ schools

Meet LinkedIn pages

  • Join conversations that matter to you and your brand
  • The power of LinkedIn you can respond and post on the fly, wherever you are
  • You can also know or grow your audience based on what you want to achieve with the platform
  • Share, repost relevant content that can benefit you or your followers
  • LinkedIn gives your employees a chance to have a voice, outside of the company and build their own personal brand
  • This is where you can find your place in the world’s professional community

Goals businesses have for their LinkedIn pages

  • Some businesses use this platform to generate leads, there are paid tools and free tools that you can use to generate leads
  • Some also want to share thought leadership content
  • Customer spotlights are also shared on LinkedIn to share there wins and success
  • Brand awareness, this is where people can know how to connect a service or product to your name
  • Both professional personal profiles and LinkedIn pages are free!

Personal profiles

  • Represent individuals
  • Have connections
  • Don’t allow ads
  • Offer these sections: Activity, Experience, Skills, Endorsements, Recommendations and Interest

LinkedIn pages

  • Represent organizations
  • Have followers
  • Provide opportunities
  • Provide opportunities to create and run ads
  • Require a Personal Profile
  • Include these sections: Overview, About, Jobs and People

Optimize your personal profile

  • Photo
  • Unique headline
  • Summary
  • Work experience
  • Work example
  • Skill and endorsements

A roadmap for LinkedIn page success

  • Complete your LinkedIn Profile and Page
  • Nurture and build your LinkedIn community by adding followers, posts and comments
  • Review and realign

The eight essentials

  • Enter your company name
  • Chose a URL
  • Add your website link – if you have one
  • Add your company details
  • Upload your logo
  • Add a tagline
  • Confirm right to represent
  • Click create page note: toggle sharing back on when you are finished

Next steps

  • Best practices
  • Canva
  • Brand story guidance
  • Tactics for maximizing your LinkedIn presence