Getting More From M365: 28 Apps To Enhance Your Business Agility

Chances are you already have a Microsoft 365 subscription and using the “usual suspects” like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. But did you know that your plan may also come with a suite of apps that can help you build business agility by improving accessibility, supporting collaboration, enhancing data protection, and more? 

Here's how these M365 apps and services can help you build business agility: 

  1. Intune: Enhance your security and improve IT efficiency with this cloud-based solution part of the Mobile Device Management (MDM) landscape. 
  2. Mobile Apps: Access the oldies but goodies like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook in the cloud via the M365 mobile app to stay productive while on the go. 
  3. Teams: Keep everyone connected via this collaboration hub with features like voice and video calls, chat, screen sharing, and file sharing. 
  4. OneDrive: Access, share, and collaborate on all your files from anywhere with this cloud storage solution. You can also apply sensitivity labels to enhance security. 
  5. SharePoint: Create dynamic and productive team sites for every project team, department, and division where employees can share files, data, news, and resources. 
  6. Exchange: Leverage personalized inbox and intelligent calendaring to keep everyone connected no matter where they are. 
  7. Access (PC only): Allow anyone in your company to create database apps and integrate data sources without coding skills.  
  8. Publisher (PC only): Design printouts, send professional-quality email publications, or export to industry-standard non-editable formats from anywhere. 
  9. Bookings: Integrate seamlessly with Teams to simplify scheduling. You can create calendars, assign staff, schedule new appointments, and meet without leaving Teams.  
  10. Forms: Create forms, get feedback, and visualize response data to support communication and collaboration. 
  11. List: Use this smart information tracking app to work with anyone and from anywhere. You can also use this app in Teams to keep everyone in sync. 
  12. Planner: Organize teamwork via an intuitive and collaborative interface. Employees can collaborate in Teams and check status charts in the Microsoft Cloud. 
  13. To Do: Manage and share to-do lists online to keep everyone rowing in the same direction no matter where they are. 
  14. Project: Keep everyone current on project status and plan with dynamic scheduling based on effort needed, project duration, and team member allocation.  
  15. OneNote: Use this digital cross-functional notebook to record and share your ideas with others to keep everyone on the same page. 
  16. Stream: Make screen recordings with text, drawings, and effects to enhance asynchronous, remote collaboration.  
  17. Sway: Add files from OneDrive and transform content in Word or OneNote into visually appealing newsletters, presentations, and documentation from anywhere. 
  18. Loop: Support seamless remote collaboration. You can see everything on one screen and stay in sync without switching apps.  
  19. Visio: Support visual collaboration and create easy-to-understand diagrams to enhance communication using the desktop or web app. 
  20. Whiteboard: Use this visual collaboration canvas in M365 to support flexible work and learning. It integrates with Teams and Loops for a seamless experience. 
  21. Yammer: Encourage Open and dynamic communication across M365 without sacrificing enterprise-level security, compliance, and management. 
  22. Power Apps: Empower citizen developers to build low-code apps quickly and cost-effectively to connect and automate business processes. This is offered in the Enterprise plans but can also be added as a standalone license. 
  23. Power BI: Analyze data and distribute reports to ensure everyone can access the same data insights in real time. This is offered in the Enterprise plans but can also be added as a standalone license. 
  24. Azure Information Protection: Discover, classify, protect, and govern sensitive information, whether it’s at rest, in use, or in transit. 
  25. Defender for Endpoint: Discover and secure endpoint devices across your organization to safeguard potential attack surfaces and improve your security posture. 
  26. Defender for Office 365: Secure emails and Teams with advanced protection against phishing, business email compromise, ransomware, and other threats. 
  27. Microsoft Security Copilot: Enhance enterprise mobility and security with generative AI technology informed by 65 trillion daily signals. 
  28. Viva: Support content discovery and enhance cloud security with next-generation AI and insights. 

These cloud-based apps and services allow you to consolidate the tools you need to run your business and stay agile under the M365 umbrella. Many are likely available with your current subscription at no additional cost.  

You can also consolidate various apps to reduce cost and minimize the security risks of tool sprawl and shadow IT. For example, you can replace Slack and Zoom with Teams, Dropbox with OneDrive, and Calendly with Bookings to streamline your tech stack and workflows. 

But putting all the pieces together can be overwhelming. To maximize productivity and make the most of Microsofts security features, partner with an experienced managed IT provider with extensive experience configuring M365 to optimize business agility. 

At Entech, we provide expert guidance to help you implement M365 to support your business processes effectively, maximize your technology spend, and improve your security posture. Learn more about our business agility solutions and get in touch to see how we can help you future-proof your business. 

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