How managed IT simplifies and empowers all of your technology

Does your company employ managed IT services? Digital transformation is an important trend that is here to stay.

If you’re looking for the best way to streamline all your business processes, simplified IT is your answer. Megatrends such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, augmented reality, and mobile 5G provide vast opportunities for improving productivity. These trends, also known as digital innovation, offer several distinct advantages that can’t be ignored.

Benefits of digital innovation

Digital innovation helps businesses move forward. As additional technology is employed, company owners can expand product outreach to encompass a broader audience than ever before.

According to a recent report, the Global Managed Services Market was valued at 155.91 billion dollars in 2017, a figure expected to reach 296.38 billion dollars by 2023. Managed mobility and information services will play essential roles in this increase, which will also promote business expansion.

A critical benefit of this expansion is growth. As companies increase marketing and sales channels, they can also branch out into new product and service offerings. Managed IT helps business owners stay on top of that growth by ensuring the right technologies are in place.

Managed IT solutions allows for the consolidation of suppliers and promotes data integration from disparate systems. This data can then be placed into a single view that can be accessed organization-wide from anywhere on any device.

Why choose managed IT solutions?

Managed IT solutions ensure the technology business owners need is always in place and kept up-to-date. Security measures are implemented to provide a safe way of transferring data across all channels.

These innovative solutions create competitive opportunities for business owners by guaranteeing customers receive the best available products and services. When employing managed IT solutions, there is no longer a need for multiple carrier services for one organization. Instead, all technology is managed remotely and monitored even after business hours.

Cutting edge software is used to offer enhanced visibility to online customers, ensuring access to a greater number of channels. Organizations can better track customer access, network performance, and online traffic.

Managed IT services result in optimal network performance due to constant monitoring. This ensures critical services and applications are available at any time of the day or night.

Why managed IT services work

Managed IT services to make a business more flexible. Consistent monitoring and regular security testing keep all technology and systems safe from both inside and outside threats.

Simplified IT is also more cost-effective. Business owners no longer need to employ several IT professionals to handle inside technology needs, then search for companies who can take on the security testing.

Managed IT means one company for all needs, reducing the overall costs that in-house services would incur. This can revolutionize business by providing a powerful platform that will help drive competitive advantage.

Managed IT professionals can work with business owners to come up with a strategy that works, regardless of industry. Over time, additional technologies can be added as needed to increase customer outreach and company capabilities.

The true value of managed IT

Managed IT carries a great deal of value for an organization on every level. Cloud computing, for example, has revolutionized how information is stored and retrieved.

According to recent managed IT statistics, 140,000 hard drives in the United  States lose data each week. Replacing these drives can become costly. Having a managed IT provider in place eliminates these costs and ensures data is always available.

Disaster planning is another component to consider. Managed IT professionals will put a disaster recovery plan in place, and ensure it is regularly tested. This is a crucial feature no business should ever be without.